Eucalyptus showers are the new way to upgrade your morning routine! You might have seen the the Instagram craze of gorgeous bunches of eucalyptus hanging in ‘Pinterest like’ homes across the nation. But does this stuff actually work?

Here at Aqua Bathrooms we’ll do pretty much anything to feel a little more invigorated in the morning. Whether we start our days off with an early morning yoga session or lather ourselves in citrus-infused bathroom products – anything goes when trying to boost positivity in the morning.

When digging a little deeper into this huge online trend, we found that just a simple bundle of this aromatic plant can really help with multiple health conditions.

🌿 We’ve listed a few favourites below for you to take a look at 🌿

Mental clarity
Mood enhancing
Smells amazing

If you can’t get your hands on this morning miracle – you can simply pop a few drops of the essential oil in your shower instead.

Breathe & enjoy!