As you may all know we’re living in a throw away society. Single use plastic is just apart of our daily lives and always has been. Who’s to blame in instants like this? We can all easily target large corporations for supporting such materials in the first place or we can take action on this issue ourselves. Here at Aqua Bathrooms, we have compliled a list of easy tips and tricks to make your life a little bit less reliant on plastic.

“Every single piece of plastic ever made still exists” – Greenpeace

– Reusable water bottle

It’s as easy as that! There are so many stylish and afforable water bottles to hand these days, there really is no need to buy a bottle of water ever again. As well as helping the environment you could potentially save so much money. People say if you stick with a new habit for 30 days you’ll continue doing so, give it ago and see how many plastic bottles you can reduce.

– Toothbrush

Making the switch from the conventional toothbrush can seem rather daunting. When finding out that every toothbrush we have ever used still exists somewhere on the planet today – we had to make the switch. There are a number of alternatives when it comes to dental hygiene, bamboo is one of the non plastic options that is out there. With its natural antibacterial properties it is perfect for dental hygiene and a great plastic free option in our eyes.

– Ditch the makeup wipes!

With a product that is so convenient for anyone that wears makeup, it seems strange to think of a life without these godly products. But who’d of thought it could be so easy to switch! As well as a number of alternatives out there to makeup wipes, so many of us still use them – when they’re actually rather bad for the skin, who’d of thought! Here’s us thinking they clean the skin yet they smear around whatever makeup and dirt is on your face. An easy solution to this is washable cotton pads! Simply pop them into the wash with your laundry and use all over again.

– Soap

Body wash, hand soap and shaving foam are just some of the products we use in our bathrooms that are packaged in plastic. Just take a moment and think of the bottles that are thrown away each day from just these 3 products alone. Making the swap to a soap bar can save you so much space (and money) in the bathroom you wouldn’t believe. As well as being super affordable, a soap bar will last you twice as long as any conventional liquid soap.

Making these small changing in your daily life can make a huge difference to our planet. Whether or not you completely ditch plastic or just simply begin being more conscious with your purchasing – every little bit helps.